Meet Dick.

This is Richard Rott…Dick Rott, if you will. He’s the founding father of my Sims 3 Prettacy.
Oh boy…This should be interesting.



These are the randomized traits I’m workin’ with here…



After receiving a general studies degree from his local community college, Dick decided it was time to move out of his parent’s basement, find his own place and a job, and explore the world!


…He moved 2 towns over to Riverview, just a 15 minute drive from his childhood home, where he managed to construct a shanty (complete with a corrugated tin roof) on a vacant lot. He moved in an old sofa he found behind a dumpster and set up the lantern he’d snagged from his parents’ camping supplies before stepping back to admire his handiwork. Step 1, move into his own place, was complete!

Dick dug deep into his pocket and grabbed a hold of the crumpled up classified section he’d saved from his previous dumpster diving adventure. It was time to focus on the second step of his plans and get that job; and there it was, the perfect opportunity for him. The 4th ad down the line read, “BE A TEST SUBJECT, EARN $$$, NO EXPERIENCE REQ’D.” He was sold! But how would he call back? With the torn want ad and just $100 in his pocket, Dick set out to find a phone.

The long walk into town was exhausting for Dick. He was about to plop down for a rest on a bench when he realized he was right across the street from the public library. Surely he could use one of the computers inside to contact the owners of the ad. Dick dashed across the street, too excited to check for traffic and once inside, he pulled up a chair to the first computer he could find. He clacked out an email, sent it off to the address from the newspaper ad, and crossed his fingers for a quick response. He grabbed a near by book off a shelf to try to pass the time, but was too anxious to actually read any of it. Dick impatiently stared at the screen while continually pressing the refresh button. This went on for about 15 minutes before a new email appeared in his inbox with the subject “YOU’RE HIRED!” Dick couldn’t resist letting out a cry of victory that earned him shushes and annoyed glares from the others folks in the library, but he didn’t care; he had conquered step 2! He scrawled out the address of his new place of employment on a scrap of paper and headed for home. His new job as a test subject started in the morning and he wanted to get a good nights sleep. Too bad that was nearly impossible to do on his second hand sofa…


Next blog: Dick meets a lady!

❤ Cez



Welcome to my legacy challenge!

I’ll be following the rules listed here!

I’ve been wanting to try a ‘prettacy’ which follows all the normal legacy rules, however my founder will be the ugliest sim I can cook up. I will then attempt to breed it with the most attractive sim I can find and will continue to do this with each of the heirs for 10 generations. Hopefully G10 will be gorgeous!

~Away we go~

❤ Cez